White Collar Crimes

Marty V. Miller is dedicated to providing his clients with superior legal representation, and is committed to obtaining the best result possible.

Embezzlement Attorney

At the Law Offices of Marty V. Miller, we offer skilled and resourceful representation to individuals accused of embezzlement, whether formal charges have been filed or just internal investigations have begun.

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Accusations of embezzlement or any white collar crime may have serious consequences that can change your life forever, and speaking with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible can protect your future employability, prevent any criminal record of the allegation, or lessen the charges against you. Email our office or call (951) 335-9015, at (858) 223-6555 for your free case evaluation.

Embezzlement Charges in Riverside and San Diego

Typical embezzlement issues in Riverside and San Diego for which we can help you in your defense are:

  • Employee embezzlement
  • Check fraud
  • Mail or wire fraud
  • Accounting fraud
  • Computer fraud
  • Money laundering

Defense Against Embezzlement Charges in Riverside and San Diego

Many employers and businesses (from small companies to larger corporations) prefer to resolve embezzlement or fraud cases without the trouble, added time, and cost of a trial. Even keeping the matter away from the public eye may be of importance. Therefore, if cases are negotiated early, sometimes stipulating restitution of funds, investigations may cease before formal charges are ever filed and on record. Having an effective lawyer to negotiate on your behalf can make a big difference in the outcome of the situation.

Court representation for embezzlement charges

In cases where conviction is imminent, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to argue for and achieve a sentence of no jail time, or even deferred sentencing where the defendant has a period of time in which to reimburse the theft in exchange for dismissal or reduction of charges once restitution has been paid.

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Contact the Law Offices of Marty V. Miller to discuss your embezzlement case. We offer free initial consultations, and our discussions will be in complete confidence. With years of criminal defense experience, attorney Marty V. Miller can provide skilled and resourceful criminal defense. Calling and speaking with our office does not require any commitment, and it is the first step to moving beyond your legal situation — e-mail our office or call (951) 335-9015, at (858) 223-6555 to find out more.

Bank Fraud Attorney

If you are suspected of bank fraud, secure experienced legal help immediately. Bank fraud charges have the potential to be prosecuted at the state or federal level. Potential penalties become even more serious when pursued at the federal level. Work with a defense attorney skilled at handling federal- and state-level bank fraud allegations.

Speak to a Riverside and San Diego Bank Fraud Defense Lawyer Today!

At the Law Offices of Marty V. Miller, we offer a substantial background defending clients accused of misdemeanor or felony bank fraud charges. The Law Offices of Marty V. Miller’s Riverside and San Diego bank fraud attorney Marty V. Miller formerly prosecuted individuals suspected of white collar crimes before starting his own criminal defense firm.

Mr. Miller’s comprehensive background helps him effectively size up a case knowing the strategies the prosecution is likely pursuing. He is committed to staying ahead of the prosecution through conducting an in-depth investigation and evaluating the evidence obtained against you. Call us at (951) 335-9015, at (858) 223-6555 or email us for your free case evaluation.

Bank Fraud Charges in Riverside and San Diego

A simple mistake on a bank loan application or the use of expired checks could suddenly escalate into bank fraud allegations. At the Law Offices of Marty V. Miller, we are committed to defending banking professionals who handle substantial amounts of money, along with individuals who manage their own finances. We aggressively represent those accused of financial crimes such as:

  • Writing bad checks
  • Embezzlement
  • Loan application fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card fraud

If you are suspected of bank fraud, criminal defense attorney Riverside and San Diego Bank Fraud Defense Lawyer will act quickly to develop an effective defense strategy, while seeking to mitigate any potential damages. Mr. Miller will investigate the evidence obtained against you to determine if the charges fit the crime you allegedly committed. He is prepared to develop a defense strategy based on a lack of criminal intent. Mr. Miller will use your clean record to help substantiate our claim that you made an innocent mistake with no intent to commit fraud.

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E-mail us to discuss your case with a knowledgeable Riverside and San Diego bank fraud defense attorney or call (951) 289-0962, at (858) 252-2743.

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