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Marty V. Miller is dedicated to providing his clients with superior legal representation, and is committed to obtaining the best result possible.

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Have you been arrested for criminal trespassing, vandalism, destruction of property or another property crime?

Property Crime Charges in Riverside and San Diego

Contact the experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Marty V. Miller. Based in Riverside and San Diego, California, we defend clients against all misdemeanor and felony property crimes. Whether you are facing charges of criminal trespass, graffiti tagging or arson, we are ready to provide the strong defense you require.

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There are many criminal defense firms you may choose to handle your case. Why hire us?

  • We offer flat fees in many criminal cases
  • We have defended hundreds of clients throughout California against criminal charges ranging from criminal traffic offenses to murder charges
  • We are highly adept at plea negotiations because we are creative and proactive
  • We care. Marty V. Miller chose criminal law as one of his focuses because he wants to make a positive difference in the lives of people whose freedom, record and rights are at risk

For immediate assistance, contact one of our Riverside and San Diego attorneys at (951) 289-0962, at (858) 252-2743 or contact us by e-mail.

Defense Against Property Crime Charges in Riverside and San Diego

Many property crimes are misdemeanor offenses that may not seem that serious. Do not plead guilty to any criminal offense or citation before speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Pleading guilty to any misdemeanor offense means that you will have a criminal record. Even if the prosecution agrees to recommend that you serve no jail time, you will have a criminal record that could impair your employment opportunities.

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